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Civil Construction

We provide Civil Construction Services to our customers. We provide all construction services with complete safety and excellent quality work. We employ high-quality materials in our construction, which makes it extremely durable and dependable. These services are highly valued by clients and tend to enhance the number of clients in construction services.

Maritime Construction

Saradari Construction (Pvt) Ltd. provides a wide range of marine construction services, from simple inspections and surveys to full jet construction. We have over ten years of experience in marine building, a high level of skill, and specific knowledge of marine work, whether for construction or maintenance. We have all types of contemporary equipment and experienced employees to manage projects safely, on schedule, and under budget. The following are examples of marine project work that we have completed.

Design and Buiid

The construction industry and design professionals have devised a number of ways to project delivery with the overarching goal of completing projects in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost, and with superior quality and performance. Constructor provides professional services for project completion and assumes professional accountability and civil liability for both design and construction under Design-Build Services.

Steel Structures

Proper maintenance is essential for extending the life of most structures. One of them is steel structures. Professional metal fabricators pour their hearts and souls into the creation of giant structures, buildings, majestic marine structures, and high-tech energy sector projects. These constructions, once built, can last for a long time. The reason for this is structural steel’s longevity and tenacity. However, there are several disadvantages to adopting steel constructions. They can become fragile over time as a result of high temperature changes, and they are also prone to corrosion. To address these drawbacks, proper steps must be implemented.

Renovation and Maintenance

We provide prompt building repair and maintenance services. Our crew has extensive experience in electrical, HVAC, plumbing, concrete, flooring, millwork and cabinetry, doors, windows, stud framing, and drywall. Customers can rely on us to preserve their assets and keep their facilities in excellent shape. From routine maintenance like painting to crucial system repairs, our team is uniquely qualified to surpass customer expectations. Our services are appropriate for a variety of situations such as expansions, remodeling, renovations, tenant improvements, and plant facility repairs.

Building Designing

Saradari Architectural Services has an established track record of success. We have a high success rate in gaining planning permissions/approvals, even on problematic sites. Our designs are centered on delivering outcomes for the client, as well as a return on your investment, both financially and emotionally. We put in the time and effort required to ensure that our clients can fully envisage their finished project from all aspects. This is essential for the success of all types of residential and commercial architecture projects, including building conversions and additions.

Hardware Supplier

Construction Site Supplies is a supplier of materials for the civil engineering, groundwork, drainage, and cutting and welding industries.

We also stock and offer both light and heavy side building materials, with the goal of providing you with a single location to source all of the products you need to complete the job.

We provide a wide choice of core products sourced from the UK’s best brands and suppliers. With our experienced team of knowledgeable staff in each field, we can give effective solutions and efficient service to all contractors, all of whom are satisfied by our timely and dependable delivery service.

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