Our Story

Originality, that’s what we represent Our story began in 2008 when a team of enthusiastic and skilled Individuals teamed up to redefine the construction sector.

Our services are exceptional and range from quantity surveying and planning to providing solutions to the industrial and commercial construction sector Today, with over 12 years of experience, SD Builders has transformed into a key player in the field.

Our History

2008 – Saradari Builders Was Founded

Started the business by constructing civil construction works in Airtel towers.

2011 – Saradari Builders Growing While Facing Competitive Market.

Within few years Saradari builders gradually expanded by starting housing construction and renovation works.

2013 –Saradari Builders Expanding Limitation.

In competitive time period Saradari builders starts major subcontract works with main construction companies in Sri Lanka.

2016 – Saradari Builders Team Grew Up.

Joined initial team members and business kept feet in marine construction works which has become a specialty of the Company.

2017 – Saradari Builders Got Established

Started the new office. New members joined the team. Few major projects were started.

2019 – Saradari Builders Became A Pioneer In The Field.

Our team got strengthen with new team members. Steel construction work initiated. Few major commercial projects were started. Company got stabilized in the field of Construction. New partners Doctor Hardware and Blue Eagle Security and Investigation Service took hand with SD Builders.

Trusted Partners